Choosing Colors for Different Seasons

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Choosing Colors for Different Seasons

Post  FHFG on Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:11 pm

Hi Michele, I wanted to ask you about how to choose colors for different seasons - particularly colors of accessories, but really clothing as well. Is it the fabric that determines whether or not something works during a particular season, or is it the color? I started thinking about this when I saw the handbag you chose to take along to your dinner at Barbetto - it looked like a pink leather handbag. It looked great with your outfit but I would have thought that pink was more a late spring or summer color. Seeing how you put that outfit together made me realize that I'm probably limiting myself in many respects with regard to my choice of colors. I think I'm really very conservative and would like to have more fun with my choice of color and accessories. Thanks so much - I'm looking forward to hearing your response!! Ann Marie


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